Common app essay prompts and how to deal with them

In this article, we are happy to share with you the most popular application prompts that you will most likely face when writing a paper to enter the college of your dream. Since essay prompts change from time to time, you have to always be aware of the latest updates and be ready for everything. We gathered here those prompts that were used during the last several years and the updated versions of them.

Entering a college is a challenging and exciting step that signifies a totally new period in your life, when you are no longer a kid and become an adult. This means that through writing an application paper, you have to use your chance and show the admission officers how much of an adult you are. In other words, you have to show that you are capable of thinking as an adult, that you are self-aware and can evaluate the advantages, but also the dangers and responsibilities of adulthood. Although the topics vary and can relate to completely different issues, your primary task is to highlight the core aspects of the given prompt and demonstrate a bunch of skills that are important for your being accepted to the college. Fortunately for you, we offer you not only the list of common app essay prompts, but also professional assistance with this uneasy task. You can turn to us for a professional advice, commentary on your already written essay, reviewing it, etc. But moreover, you are welcome to use our highly qualified writing service. We can not only assist you with your writing and guide you through the entire writing process, but also take complete responsibility for your paper and write it instead of you.

Discover revised application essay prompts

Every year common prompts are being revised in order to improve the effectiveness of this assignments and allow applicants show their best when answering the prompt questions. This is done for the sake of objectiveness when deciding what young people are going to become students of that or another college or university. Here we have gathered the revised common app essay prompts for you to get acquainted with them and not what to prepare yourself for.

  • Some young people have talents, backgrounds, hobbies or gifts which are so significant that without them the application paper will lose its worthiness. Your task here is to reflect on those things and share them with the admissions committee in order to let them know the uniqueness and advantages of your personality not only as a potential student, but as an individual first of all.
  • Sometimes people are forced by obstacles to face serious challenges in their lives. As a result, these challenges appear to be lessons that teach them the most important things in life, such as faith, hope, love, the power of will etc. Think whether you had such a lesson in your life and share the story in your essay.
  • Think back about the time in your life when certain circumstances made you doubt your beliefs or values and eventually, you changed them. Explain what happened then and what conclusions you made. Reflect on whether you would do the same if you could go back in time and tell the consequences of changing the belief or idea.
  • Think about an issue that you would like to find a solution for or remember one if you had any similar experience. This may be a moral dilemma, political issue, existential problem or anything that raises your curiosity.
  • Tell about a person or event that made a great difference in your life, motivated your growth and inspired you to a certain action.
  • Tell about some concept or idea that you find so immersing that you could discuss it for ages. Reflect on what is so captivating about it and whether it is related to your decision to study in the chosen college or university.
  • Pick a topic on your own that you find worthy of discussion and reflect on it in your essay. Consider any topic you have already discussed or combine different topics from the prompts.

How to make your writing brilliant

You might have heard many times already that the success and effectiveness of your essay depends not only on the topic, but on your writing skills as well. It is highly important to immerse the reader into your writing by making it extremely interesting, impressive and easy to read at the same time. So before you step up to the practical part of your preparation process, we suggest you taking a look at our tips how to make your writing brilliant. This concerns dealing with common app essay prompts, but these tips will also help you when dealing with any other writing assignment.

  • Make sure you have what to say. You have to know exactly what you are going to write. When your sentences are forced and you struggle with every word to say, it will not work. Therefore, your task here is to focus on the topic and cultivate words in your mind in such a way so that they will flow easily.
  • Keep inspired. There is a huge difference between an action and an inspired action. This means that you have to find your personal source of inspiration and use it. For some people inspiration comes from papers, books, essays and articles of other authors, while other get inspired thanks to their favorite music or a good movie. Also, you can find inspiration by simply having a walk in the park or talking with one of your favorite people.
  • Stay specific. Once you have got your topic, you need to get stuck to it without distraction to other matters. Also, use specific details when describing things in order to create a better image of them. That is, when you describing your best friend, tell about his or color eyes and hair color, hobbies and talents, or even about his or her favorite food. Sometimes these details can tell a lot about a person.
  • Use simple words. As a matter of fact, simplicity os the sister of genius. Especially if you are not sure about the meaning of a complex word, you should better find something more simple and easy to understand.
  • Keep your sentences short and to the point. The longer your sentences are, the more boring your reader will find them. Make sure you don't lost your though while writing the sentence and if you can divide it into two parts, do it for the sake of the brilliance of your writing.
  • Active voice is also a better choice. Whenever you can choose between passive and active voice, let your preference be the active one. It is a commonly accepted fact that long sentences with passive voice are the most boring thing readers can find.

More tips for developing a great paper

Since we want your writing to be as awesome as possible, we prepared some more professional tips for you. Here are they coming:

  • Short sentences are not enough, you have to keep your paragraphs short as well. That is, don't provide more than one idea or one concept in one paragraph. Once you are going to highlight another issue of the discussed problem, start it with a new paragraph.
  • Avoid fluff words and if you already have some of them in your writing, eliminate them asap. These words are such as “very” or “very much”, “little” and “little bit” etc. They don't contribute to your writing at all and are a waste of paper.
  • Avoid rambling. This especially concerns those who don't have a clear idea what they are writing about. When that happens, you start to ramble. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, you have to focus on specific ideas and always make a long story short.
  • Eliminate repetition. First of all, never repeat the same words in one sentence or even paragraph. Second of all, if you stated your idea once, there is no necessity to repeat it over and over again. If you really want to put an emphasis on a certain statement, just find other words.
  • Be unstoppable when editing your paper. In order to make your paper brilliant, you have to proofread it many times and edit properly. Once is not enough, you need to do it at least three times. Our advice is to proofread once, take a break and do it again. And your final proofreading is going to be the day when you submit your paper.

Ask professionals for help

If you got stuck with your writing and common app essay prompts don't seem common to you at all, don't hurry up to upset. Instead of panicking and stressing out, you should better contact us and find out your options. We have a wide range of professional highly qualified writing services. We can proofread and edit your paper, provide you with extra tips and easy guidelines for effective writing. And on top of everything, we can simply write your essay for you. We have lots of experience in writing different kinds of papers, among which are application essays as well. Entering a college is really a challenging step, so we offer you assistance in order to release you from writing struggle and make sure that your essay will make a positive and powerful impression on the admission officers.

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