Mass Media Ethics Chapters 5  a few Essay

Advertising Ethics Chapters 4 & 5


•Italian retail clothing liner with provocative advertising and marketing. oPriest & a deshalb kissing

o26 death row inmates upon Hollywood Blvd.

oAids patients

•Reason so why?

oWanted to produce a social assertion. To get people to believe by doing a thing radical.

In which did Socrates believe is definitely ultimate commitment lie?


Other philosophers disagreed- consider loyalty is not an complete concept but relative. You need to decide circumstance by case…(social contract theorist Thomas Hobbes- " commitment is a interpersonal act. ” •Examples of Relative Express:


oFamily & yourself

oSoldiers in Vietnam (weren't sure why they were going to war) Aug 1945- WW2 ended

Which usually country used most chemical substance weapons that any other one…USA Dropped much more than 10 mil gal. about Vietnam inside the Vietnam Battle. Agent Orange…White Phosphorous

Ethics can not be absolute. Have to be relative.

Josiah Royce-

•American Theologian

•Taught at Harvard in 1900s

•Believed loyalty could become the single ethical principle. •Loyalty promotes self-realization.

•Can always be learned and honed.

•Loyalty is ultimate expression of GOOD. It's a social contract. Imperfections in trusting loyalty is a highest manifestation of virtue. •Missed place loyalties.

•In mass society one on one loyalty offers lost much of its power. Is it moral to be devoted to unethical practices?

•Example: Gangs. Dictators (Sadam Hussein). KKK.

Royce true problem- since an ethical principle has not been the poor choice of loyalties yet failure to stick to proper loyalties.

Ralph Potter-

•Harvard Theologian

•Potter Package

•4 step guide to get to unethical view. Ethical or unethical? oUnderstanding the facts.

oOutlining the values inherent in the decision

oApplying relevant philosophical rules

oArticulating a loyalty.

•Example given in book (page 102)

oPriest, Pimp & Prostitute & Rape Sufferer with Mental Handicap oWhat do you carry out?

Print the name or not printing the brand?

Print the name & print just about every...