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1.Module 1 Summary: The doctoral identity


Last week you shared your passion for starting this program and provided some insight on how you will adjust to the challenges of a doctoral program. This week we will be examining how to take the first steps to becoming a scholar. Clearly time management will be an important aspect as you fit a doctoral program into your already busy schedule. Consider the following quote:

“There’s a choice that we have to make as people, as individuals. If you want to be great at something, there’s a choice you have to make. We all can be masters at our craft, but you have to make a choice. What I mean by that is, there are inherent sacrifices that come along with that. Family time, hanging out with friends, being a great friend, being a great son, nephew, whatever the case may be. There are sacrifices that come along with making that decision. The most important thing is you must put everybody on notice that you’re here and you are for real. I’m not a player that is just going to come and go. I’m not a player that is going to make an All-Star team one time, two times. I’m here to be an all-time great. Once I made that commitment and said, ‘I want to be one of the greatest ever’, then the game became everything for me.” – Kobe Bryant, Basketball Athlete

Class, how does this quote relate to your own doctoral journey? What will you have to sacrifice in order to be a master of your craft? Managing time is certainly a key to being successful during a doctoral program (Purdue University, n.d.).

Purdue University. (n. d.). Time management tips for busy college students [Web page].Retrieved from

Doctoral learners must become information-literate individuals who are able to locate, identify, evaluate, and organize research. In Topic 8, you are required to find five empirical research studies from peer reviewed journals on your dissertation research interests. Discuss your process for conducting a search. What resources will you use to explore the literature in your field and how will you evaluate the quality of the articles selected?

2.Kari Hart 

3 posts

Re: Module 2 DQ 1


When I conducted research in the past I most often used the library website and databases and a key word search. This method  of research was effective, but I know I am going to have to branch out. I plan on beginning to use ProQuest ……… Elsasser, Berman, and McClendon (2018) state, “ProQuest Dissertations and Theses is an online database that provides full-text access to dissertations and theses for review. Currently this database includes over 2.4 million records to date” (Library Support Systems, para. 3). I think this website will be helpful for two reasons. First, it is such a large pool of data, but most importantly it will be good for me to start reading dissertations with a critical eye. If I begin that process now I will be able to avoid some of the mistakes that others have made and emulate the strengths that I find as well. I plan on evaluate the sources I select by critically reading for content , structure, and source utilization . I will be able to discern if a source will be valuable in my research by focusing on those three things.

Elsasser, S., Berman, R., & McClendon, C. (2018). Welcome to the doctoral journey. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: The purposeful path to a successful dissertation. Retrieved from

3. Cara DiBona 

2 posts

Re: Module 2 DQ 1


To start, I brainstorm the topic I want to search for and come up with as many keywords as possible. I find that I receive too many results by only utilizing a few keywords in search bars on the Grand Canyon University (GCU) library website. Jacobs and Greenberger (2018) discussed how to effectively utilize search engines with advanced field options such as using a truncation symbol and Boolean operators. These are search options that I can anticipate being helpful in my search for empirical articles. Google Scholar also seems to provide easy access to finding articles quickly and also works in conjunction with GCU. 

I believe that my first step in evaluating the quality of the sources will require me to read through the article and determine if it has a methods section and a results section. This would mean that the article is empirical. I can also determine if the article is popular within its field of research by how many times it has been cited by others. I will also pay attention to the journal that printed the research. This may help to determine which articles are deemed to be of higher quality than others and ensure that they are peer-reviewed. I am hopeful that I will improve upon and be able to better detect quality articles as I progress in this class.


Jacobs, J. & Greenberger, S. (2018). Navigating university systems and using technology. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: The purposeful path to a successful dissertation. Retrieved from

4. Porsche Brooks 

3 posts

Re: Module 2 DQ 1


My process for conducting a search for my dissertation interests would start off by me “finding out my purpose” according to Elsasser, Berman, and McClendon (2018), (Chapter 3 table 3.2). Purpose is basically the reason you feel this is important and why. There are many different sources to choose from whether its journals, magazines, published essays, etc. My dissertation will be concentrated on Public Health Administration and Business, so my research will entail of the business and strategy of an “Hospital Ceo.” At the doctoral level, it is common to feel anxiety and stress, so getting rid of distractions and correlated stress to clear your mind Is crucial in the process of developing your dissertation. During any research you will face challenges just as you will face victories. My in-depth research will include famous well-known hospitals around the world such as Johns Hopkins, the Mayo Clinic Hospital, etc. and the balance of budgeting, planning, and coordinating those facilities. Engaging in articles and looking for key strategies behind the thought process of successful President and Chief of Executive officers in the healthcare field. Learning and analyzing the perspective of those who manage the everyday adjustments of healthcare guidelines and modern technology. I will appraise my findings by considering the facts and beliefs of the author with further investigation.


Elsasser, S., Berman, R., & McClendon, C. (2018). Welcome to the doctoral journey. In Grand Canyon University (Ed.), GCU doctoral research: The purposeful path to a successful dissertation. Retrieved from

Research is connected and personal and it is important for learners to recognize their subject position, in order to critically evaluate data, as well as communicate their subject position within a research study to minimize bias. Grand Canyon University supports academic and spiritual growth with the belief that the combination of the two will make a positive impact on scholarship and the individual.

How might worldview influence the role as a scholar and researcher? How can a worldview, Christian or otherwise, enrich research through a union of faith and academics? How might one handle perspectives, topics, and research that may challenge his or her worldview?

5.Jason Rodriguez 

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Re: Module 2 DQ 2


The worldview of someone is what can determine how they see life based on their experience. While there are exceptions to people who have an open mind outside of their worldview this is more rare. Most people are shaped based on their environment growing up. However, worldview can enrich research because their perspective will be illuminated by something beyond them. Whether these people believe that it is God or something else, their worldview can give people other perspectives. Since people are always adapting to new professional roles it is important for people to also adapt their research (Baker, V.L, 2011). Adaptation is something that should be happening frequently and since the society we live in is always changing we should strive to bring quality work. Handling the differences that others bring all depends on how the person receives constructive disagreement or feedback. Therefore, it all depends on the person to determine that but everyone should have an open mind.


Baker, V.L., Pifer, M.J., (2011) The role of relationships in the transition from doctoral student to independent scholar. Education Research Complete Studies in Continuing Education, 0158037X, Vol. 33, Issue 1


6. Kari Hart 

1 posts

Re: Module 2 DQ 2


A person’s worldview would influence your role and scholar and researcher because it would shape what you research and study. It is important to note that just because someone who says they have a worldview does not have to have the same beliefs as someone else that espouses a similar worldview. Take for instance the sustainability worldview, Kemper, Ballantine, and Hall (2020) state, “ On one end of the continuum, there is a weaker sustainability worldview which suggests minor adjustments to the status quo to address social, economic and environmental issues in society…At the other end of the continuum, there is a stronger sustainability worldview which understands the various and serious nature of environmental, social and economic sustainability issues in society and demands change in existing social structure” (Sustainable Worldview, para. 2). It is an important point to consider especially when thinking of a religious worldview. A person may say they have a Christian worldview, but depending where they fall on the continuum will influence how much the religion is involved in their life. Being aware of this continuum of belief and worldview could be helpful as one starts their research. It would help them to avoid ambiguity.

Kemper, J. A., Ballantine, P. W., & Hall, C. M. (2020). Sustainability worldviews of marketing academics: A segmentation analysis and implications for professional development. Journal of Cleaner Production, 271.


7. Shikha Sehgal 

1 posts

Re: Module 2 DQ 2


The worldview can influence change the person’s decisions and thinking. Wortham points out that individuals have identities before entering a new domain or community and that these identities may interfere with learning as it is defined in the new domain. People adapt to new professional roles, Ibarra suggests, by experimenting with new identities or ‘provisional selves’. The nature of a person’s network of relationships can affect the creation, selection, and retention of these provisional identities.Similarly people change when they adapt and get influenced by surroundings. But they do not get detached from their beliefs and roots. Their beliefs which they got from their culture and parents stays with them forever. So researcher has to work hard to keep aside these influences and research unbiased.

Baker, V.L., Pifer, M.J., (2011) The role of relationships in the transition from doctoral student to independent scholar. Education Research Complete Studies in Continuing Education, 0158037X, Vol. 33, Issue 1

Ibarra, H.1999. Provisional selves: Experimenting with image and identity in professional adaptation. Administrative Science Quarterly, 44(4): 764–91.

Wortham, S.2006. Learning and identity: The joint emergence of social identification and academic learning, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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